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IPRBAY welcomes you to the dedicated online IP trading. Interested buyers or licensees including individuals, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists can buy or get a license on copyrights by simply registering with our site.
To buy a registered Copyright you need to register with IPRBAY. To register for a free membership account, click LOGIN and follow the instructions.

Once your registration is completed, you can freely access various Copyrights and Copyright portfolios as a subscribed buyer.

Process of buying a Copyright:

  • When a Copyright is listed by the seller, the registered Copyright is duly analyzed by the team.
  • A marketing package is designed for the Copyright on sale, particularly to suit the interests of buyers who want to commercialize the Copyright.  
  • A prospective buyer is given unlimited access to the Copyright portfolios in IP directory and unlimited contact with subscribed Copyright sellers for a stipulated period.
  • A price negotiation is mediated by our market analysts between the seller and the buyer, and the consultation is provided throughout the transaction, until we consummate the sale.
  • IP asset purchase agreements are prepared by IPRBAY for both parties in a consummated transaction to ensure a successful and rapid transfer of IP ownership and compensation.
Please see the below link which includes the list of Copyright which need to be sold or licensed. For more detailed information please contact us on info@iprbay.com

Copyright Listing
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"IPRBAY served me as a negotiating partner and forerunner in finalizing my patent license transaction. When I needed my patent deal to be done quickly, I looked up to IPRBAY. They understood my urge and drove my buyers to me very soon."
- Rupanagudi Ravishankar
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